Math Balloon Shooter
Even Shooter
Space & Arrows
Zombie Master BT
Addit Blitz
Super Math Adventure
Factory Balls 2
Prime Landing
Baby Budget
Abacus Logic
Welcome to StarMath Games! This site features a large collection of free to play Math games. Enjoy!
Angle Games
Water Balloons
Choose to Play the Computer or a Friend in a game of Water Balloons. Hold down mouse button and drag to prepare water ba ..
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Pool Practice
Fraction Games
Adding Fractions
Add fractions and create integers. When the number of the field is equal to or greater than 10 and the denominator the n ..
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Integers and Fractions
MathCopter 2
Fraction Poker
Brain Racer Fractions
Geometry Games
Annie and Mark's Adventure
Help Annie and Mark get together in this adventure. Click on the red magic boxes and Annie and Mark's Adventure beg ..
More Geometry Games
Slice Geom
Space Geometry
Sassy Shapes
Integer Games
Plus Minus
Choose another positive number of rows of numbers and negative numbers in columns of numbers. Make the best score!
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Infinite mathMagic
Whale's Adventure
Brain Racer Integers
Logic Games
Space & Arrows
Try to unlock all 15 challenging games by finding hidden keys than play them in 3 levels of difficulty.
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Factory Balls 4
Factory Balls 3
Factory Balls 2
Rotate & Roll Players Pack
Maze Games
Christmas Maze
A classic maze game in Christmas edition.
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Lab Rat Labyrinth 2
Mezzy Maze
Money Games
Math Minute - Coins
Can you count how much is in your pocket?
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Exact Change
Counterfeit Currency 2
Dress Up Math
Baby Budget
Measurement Games
Monkey Math Balance
Balance the scales.
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Roboclock 3 : Elapsed Time
Roboclock 2
Fields Separation
Seesaw Logic
Number Games
Even Shooter
Help Math dude shoot the even numbers!!!
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Draw My Barbie
Kube Kounter
Number Hunter
Draw My Little Dog
Operations Games
Math Balloon Shooter
Balloon Math Shooter is a terrific math puzzle game that will beef up you basic math skills in a fun way! After solving ..
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Zombie Master BT
Addit Blitz
Super Math Adventure
Alien Cars Math Race
Simulation Games
Ice Cream Truck
Your goal is to make enough money selling ice cream to move on to the next city. You will have ten days to reach the req ..
More Simulation Games
Split Stocks
Burger Restaurant
Lemonade Stand Deluxe
Resort Online
Other Games
Klikwerk, a Bart Bonte game. Remove all the items as quickly as possible, by pointing, clicking, dragging, dropping and ..
More Other Games
Sugar, Sugar, XMAS Special
Sugar, Sugar
Big Blocks Battle
Chipacabra Math