Alien Addition

In Alien Addition, students use math skills to help defeat an alien invasion. Spaceships move down from the top of screen toward a laser cannon at bottom right when you solve addition problems by moving corresponding number tiles up or down on your playing field." The player moves an alien resembling a spaceship down from the top of their screen, left to right. The goal is for them be able shoot out addition problems and put those into Hans' head who's in charge here - he'll then tell you what number goes with each problem!

Alien Addition Game

The player takes on the role of an alien whose mission is to conquer Earth by adding numbers. The game starts with 100 spaceships in formation, but as more are destroyed from overusing their lasers (which equal 10), fewer replacements appear each round until there's only one left at endgame—and it'll take all your skills plus some luck for victory!

Alien math game

Alien math game is a free online game that teaches children basic mathematical concepts. The aim of the game is to help the alien character, JJ, collect as many stars as possible by solving simple math problems. Each level becomes progressively more difficult, but children can use the in-game hint system if they get stuck. Parents and teachers can also follow their child's progress via the built-in leaderboard system. The alien math game franchise started out as a physical board game before releasing an online version in 2014. The original board game was created by educational toy company Hohner and won several awards including the Parents' Choice Gold Award and the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval.