Canoe Puppies Addition

Canoe Puppies is a game where you add numbers up to 10. The game gets its name from the way the canoe paddle looks like a set of 10 fingers. Players take turns counting out loud, and the player who says the number 10 first loses the round. The winner is the player with the most amount of rounds won at the end of the game. Canoe Puppies is a fun and easy game for young children to learn how to addition. It can be played with 2 or more players, and it's perfect for family gatherings or parties.

Canoe Puppies Addition game is a fun, easy way for kids to learn addition

In the game, players paddle their canoe down a stream, picking up puppies along the way. The puppies each have a different addition problem written on their tag, and players must solve the problem in order to add the puppy to their canoe. The first player to reach the end of the stream wins the game! Canoe Puppies Addition is a great way for kids to practice basic addition skills while having fun. The problems get gradually harder as players progress through the game, so it's perfect for kids of all ages. Plus, parents can join in on the fun by helping their kids solve the problems!