Ducky Race Subtraction

Ducky Race is a new, interactive math game that will allow students from anywhere in the world to race against each other while practicing subtraction! The rules of Ducky Racing are simple. To play: A student must correctly answer two numbers at once - such as 7-4 or 8+5--and then click on "Start." If he/she gets it right away with no misses recorded by either player, their ducky wins; but if they make an error before starting then there's time left over for both sides so everyone can try again (essentially creating draws). The game of Ducky Race is one that will require students to use their math skills in order for them be successful. It's an educational, multiplayer racing platform where players race against each other while practicing subtraction! The winner becomes the person with faster rates accuracy - how quickly they can get out subracting numbers correctly determines if you're going fast or not? There are hits and misses recorded on screen so we know who did well during gameplay too; this information combined with your performance gives insight into what areas need more work when playing games like these because there isn't just abstract thinking happening behind all those numbers.