Skateboard Pups

Skateboard Pups is a fun and addictive game for kids of all ages. In the game, you play as one of four puppies boarding down a hill on a skateboard, collecting bones and avoiding obstacles along the way. The further you get, the more points you earn. The controls are easy to learn but hard to master - simply tap on the left side of your screen to make your pup veer to the left, and tap on the right side of your screen to make your pup veer to the right. Be careful not to fall off the skateboard, or run into obstacles like cars or fences! Skateboard Pups is a game for Android and iOS in which you help a group of puppies skateboard through the streets of San Francisco. Theobjective of the game is to complete as many stunts as possible before time runs out, and you can also collect coins and power-ups along the way. The pups are adorable, and the graphics are quite good for a mobile game. So if you're looking for a fun (and free) diversion, check out Skateboard Pups!